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Hi Katherine, I knew someone like you would have enough character to do an AMA. Just a couple questions about your own passions in books and writing.

  1. Can you name a few favorite books? Have any of them been lifechanging?
  2. Do you have any particular favorite authors/role-models/people in general?
  3. And yes, as cliche as these 3 questions are, I'm wondering if you have any advice to novice writers, or just writers in general.
  4. (Plug section) You currently working on any projects, or prospects that you would like to talk about?
  5. The last one is always the fun one, Care to tell us a random fact about yourself? Lot's of people like to "get to know" authors.

Anyways, thanks for your time, and regardless of a reply, keep being creative, and may you never focus your motivation purely on money. ;)

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Did you guys make the post on /r/technology that made the front page?