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SmugEngineeringMajor5 karma

Do us mighty drillships look impressive from the deck of a supply boat? Also how did y'all do two days ago when the gulf was really rough? I was chilling on the bridge watching a pretty big supply boat getting thrown around pretty good, didnt look like a good time for them. Also do you have a Kongsberg DP system or a shitty one?

SmugEngineeringMajor5 karma

Yeah the drilling companies are pretty good to work for. At the very least you would get 21 on 21 off instead of that 2 on to 1 off bs.

SmugEngineeringMajor3 karma

with your experience I would think it wouldnt be too difficult to become a roustabout for one of these companies, I know our ship gets new roustabouts pretty regularly. Try to get with a deepwater company if possible.