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You're my age. Wtf. How did you find the motivation/capital/resources/etc to get all of this in motion?

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Dr. Jess,

I met a girl a few months ago and everything was intense. She just moved here for her job but I couldn't let my past go and my doubts caused her to break up with me. We've hung out the last two weekends, the first one feeling exactly like where we left off-- the second one equally so, except we talked at the end and she told me she wasn't ready for anything yet. We both cried, embraced and she kept kissing me the whole time. I confessed my feelings and the like to her, worried I wouldn't see her again because of how confusing everything has been. She told me she would let me know, which I doubted like before. She told me I wasn't listening and that she'd let me know. What should I make of everything and how could I possibly win her back?