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That is never fun. I've worked mostly in quick service restaurants and three times i'v had a gun at my head. The second worst one was near the beginning when we had a old school combo safe that was always known to not open on the first try. Thankfully it did that time but the robber got spooked when he went out the back and just dropped the 1/6 pan full of money so we didn't lose anything. I was pissed that after the ordeal he didn't even take the money. Very worst one was one of my last days working that job and I had come out of the back to find the robber waiting and pointing the gun at me and I had a panic attack over feeling like I betrayed my cook at the time for not being in the front when he came in and like I had failed at protecting my employee. I was also scared the whole time because we were expecting a driver back any second and a couple of carryouts and I kept trying to get the robber to understand there might be someone coming in any second and not to freak out while we were waiting for the time safe and he just kept telling me to shut up and move faster when there was no way I could.

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Being able to understand that it is just okay to avoid triggering situations or leave them if you get overwhelmed is immensely helpful.

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I'm a Red Wings fan, but Datsyuk is a god among men.

/ex-FARK sarcasm

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Losing the "I don't want to be a disappointment or a burden" thing is kinda key to living with anything in the ASD or depression brain things. Your brain is just different, it is not "wrong"

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There's no way for a store employee to "rig" things, but packaging with stickers might be stolen by employees for more chances. Also there was a big thing all throughout the 90s of the key pieces being sold by someone at the place that issues them. HBO happens to have a doc series about it coming out https://www.thewrap.com/mcdonalds-monopoly-contest-scam-gets-exposed-in-hbo-documentary-mcmillion-trailer-video/