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I bet Jocko would love to cover your book. Reading small excerpts while hearing from the author is his bread and butter.

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I've seen some carbon capture technology come online of late(Carbon Engineering, Climeworks) and it seems like pulling CO2 from the atmosphere is key to limiting the effects of CC. Why aren't these technologies more broadly embraced as a stop gap between tree planting, kelp forests and other natural capturing techniques? Considering the timeline, shouldn't we be pulling CO2 from the atmosphere onscale now?

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Totally agree. I felt an odd sense of relief to hear the guys speaking on the issue with so much passion and thoroughness. I'm often frustrated by the lack of coverage in the media on what is to me the biggest issue we have on our collective plates. Well beyond what Trump said the day before. If we aren't talking about it, you know our politicans wont be either.