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Hello John!

Besides the inevitable depletion of IPv4 addresses, will there be any further incentives towards pushing providers, service operators, etc, to handle and serve IPv6? Will there ever be requirements to make providers transparent as to when they will roll out IPv6, if their network is still IPv4 single stack?

There are still many providers, notably ISPs, which I deal with on a daily basis who do not, and will not offer IPv6 even to larger organizations presently. Some service providers also include Datacenters. Some providers have been spending years in "IPv6 testing" phases, but have not disclosed much of anything besides "We're working on it" for up to several years. A lot of this boils down to residential services, and I'm sure the last thing any of us will want is Carrier-grade NAT.

On a final note, networks I've helped to build and maintain have been operating with IPv6 for the better part of this decade. Feels going being able to reach ALL of the public Internet.