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What if we don't wear bikinis?

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I cannot stand this sudden revolution to make everything touch screen. My pudgy fingers just can't do it!

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Great AMA! My question is a two-fer. 1) Marine biologist and underwater photographer here, so naturally I have to ask if you have considered doing an episode on marine conservation/biology? I'd be open and stoked to collaborate. 2) Also, have you ever had the chance to visit the incredible avian fauna on remote islands (Palmyra, northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Galapagos, etc)? I HIGHLY recommend it.

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While not strictly a seismology question, this is certainly related. A few months ago I read that Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii was starting to bulge, indicating an imminent eruption. Is there any progress on this? It seems to have disappeared in the news.

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Hi Mark! I'm a manta-dive videographer over here in Kona and appreciate all you are doing to help mantas in south Maui. Your recent estimate for how many mantas are affected by fishing line is shocking and yet maybe an underestimation for the animals here. I just wanted you to know that you do not fight alone. Beyond picking of derelict fishing gear and raising awareness of mantas through education on the night manta dive, how can I help more?