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Ok, what are the chemical differences between Delta-8, Delta-9 and HHC? And are there metabolic differences between them in the various forms of consuming them?

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For ingestion, is it advisable to decarboxylate d8 and hhc as is preferable for d9?

And thank you very much for your time.

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Sorry to have gotten off topic with my follow-up questions. I realize this is supposed to be more about your product and the various potential applications it has. It really is fascinating. The water soluble carrier tech is definitely a compelling aspect. I know it's an IP and trade process issue, so I am honestly not even going to ask, but I am truly curious about the chemistry and possibly structure of it.

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Well, thank you very much, sir. I will give it a look and see if I can understand anything beyond the number and title...

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Great points. Thank you again.