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I was falsely accused of rape with overwhelming evidence showing my innocence, despite this evidence, I was still charged with the crime and spent $25,000 on a lawyer. As soon as the D.A looked the the evidence, the charges w'ere dropped. How do you feel about case's where the accusations are clearly false but over-zealous police will arrest anyway? The bar for arrest and charging is apparently very low, this still triggers a chain of events that cost the accused thousands. How many of these cases were simply obviously not something that would actually make it to court if the facts are reviewed objectively?

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Me too brother. In my state I was actually looking at penalties and lawyers fees for suing for libel. Because she never made it public I would be suing her for essentially reporting to police, an exercise in civil rites. In my state suing for such a thing carries a penalty of $10,000 and lawyers fee's potentially. There is no winning really, just savoring being a free man and making something of your life. I hope you are doing well. I know the mental anguish of going through such an ordeal.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate the work you do. Rape is a horrible crime and needs to be prosecuted. I suppose i felf into the crack between a over-zealous/possibly legally retarded police officer and a D.A who takes his sweet ass time to review cases. I had the resources to come out largely un-harmed, most don't have those resources. I suppose my point is rape. although terrible, must not get special circumstances that handicap the accused. Everyone deserves the same due-process. A crusade is not the answer, but a calm application of due-process and justice.

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I appreciate the answer but it doesn't really answer my question. I am asking, of the cases that w'ere exceptionally cleared, were any of them because the facts were reviewed and be found to be false? And if so, what is the rate of charges brought to false accusers?