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We battled them for nearly two years before finally taking extreme measures. We threw out every piece of furniture we had. Bed frames, beds, book cases, dressers, you name it we tossed it. We moved everything into plastic storage bins. The plastic storage bins had double sided tape around the outside (just a strip) to hopefully catch anything that might try to crawl in or out. This wasn't to deter anything, but more to make sure that things weren't infested and spreading.

We set down diatomaceous earth. We did liquid insecticide as well (this was after a failed heat treatment, as well as other professional treatments which failed). We slept on air mattresses for over a year. We even bought an inflatable couch. We binned all of our electronics aside from cell phones and a TV and put them in storage for two years just to be sure that if anything had gotten in them it would be dead.

This was at the beginning of the epidemic about ten years ago when a lot of people didn't know what they were. Most professionals local to me didn't even know how to treat for them. We tried a lot of things before deciding to throw away literally thousands of dollars worth of furniture (for two people living on minimum wage, that was a heck of a bullet to bite). I don't know if there are other avenues that have since been introduced, but just be aware that a bed bug can live a very long time without eating. Just one can reinfest a house in under a year.

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What are your feelings about the Long Now Foundation? I've always found the idea of the Rosetta Disk very interesting, but it seems somewhat impractical.

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I'm imagining a true post apocalyptic scenario where there are only a handful of these left, probably forgotten by most of humanity, then they have to find a magnification device strong enough to read the micro etchings. I'd also personally love to see disks for science as well as languages, chemical compound lists, manufacturing guides for things ranging from simple water pumps to more complicated things like how a solar panel works and how to make one and all the trappings needed for it to function.