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No question here, but hopefully you don't mind me posting a link to a White House We the People petition to pardon Chris Williams. It needs more visibility and signatures!


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I feel like the phone collection has been used as a scapegoat to take pressure away from other aspects. For example, the FBI apparently has access to the bulk collection of Internet content from 702, and can use that data (without a warrant - not that that would make it ok) for non-terrorism cases on America citizens . They justify it by saying it's only for certain types crimes, and say because it was legally collected ("incidental"), they can do whatever they want with it.

Any thoughts?

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Are you at all concerned that the US government could label you an enemy combatant or put you on some type of list? Given that I'd imagine all travel to those areas is monitored pretty damn closely. Did you have any dialogue with the US Government / embassy / etc about your trip?