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What is your comment on politicians' lack of knowledge of online services, emergent technologies and digital privacy worldwide?

And how should everyday people combat those issues regarding laws that instate imperatives for creating backdoor access, and how should people oppose expansion of privacy invading Huwei tech in Europe? Of course, elections, but that isn't enough. Also, raising public awareness on issues unfortunately gives credibility to conspiracy theories as well.

It seems to me that politicians and representatives on a fundamental level don't understand anything tech related, e.g. how Facebook works as seen during the hearing in the US. Yet, at the same time they introduce bills that are detrimental to privacy. And we all know how being aware of someone's watching over constricts personal freedom and consideration of choices.

If your expertise covers it, what are your predictions regarding democracy and privacy in the Balkans under the influence of Russia, and China as particular countries that are hybrid regimes are introducing extensive face recognition and tracking technology by Huawei?

What are your predictions for the US in case Trump gets reelected and how much could that erode democracy?

Edit: Should studying the methodology of Cambridge Analytica prove that similar tactics could counter the effect of disinformation? Or, should we employ a significantly different approach at fighting state propaganda and how?

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Thanks! As a psych student, I look forward to reading your book.