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Hemp fiber. Uses less water than cotton to grow the plant. Good start.

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No problem man! I work in the hemp industry and have studied a lot of hemp farming techniques. Good luck!

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Here is an article that has some good info between cotton and hemp.https://wamaunderwear.com/blogs/news/hemp-vs-cotton

You said you are in Scotland, correct? I am in the US so procuring hemp material could be more expensive given transportation costs to send it over the pond. Granted you could add the cost into the COGS of your clothing to offset that, but you would need to run the numbers.

Here is a list of suppliers in the USA: https://www.hemptraders.com/ https://envirotextile.com/ https://www.bulkhempwarehouse.com/

I am not affiliated with any of these companies. Just have heard good things.

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I never thought of people purchasing them as pets! That makes a lot of sense as to why you would have them. Thank you for doing that! That description is all I need to never put my hands by a prairie dogs mouth 😂. Thanks!

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May I ask why you keep prairie dogs? We have a farm and they destroy our fields, rattlesnakes breed in their holes, and some carry the plague. They are more pests than companions in my experience! Do they make good pets? Thanks for doing this AMA, Yuki is a good wolf boi :)