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Not to mention that no-one was furloughing staff back in January....

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Its funny the kinds of things that aren't universal, but because they're not directly observable we can assume everyone is the same.

I have aphantasia - I have no visual imagination. I can't voluntarily bring up people's faces (even family members), can't mentally see how a room would look if I shifted furniture around, can't manipulate objects in my head.

It really freaked my friend out when I was explaining to him, and he refused to believe me for a long time as I'm pretty good at solving puzzles and filling up a removals van.

Whereas he will stop and imagine things before he does them, I just have to trust my brain is doing it "under the hood" so to speak and do what feels right.

The only way I could explain it to him is its like when you're watching a film and can eat popcorn without looking at your hands or thinking about it... but just for everything :/

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How can they tell if the images genuinely break TOS if they aren't seeing the unadulterated images? I can easily forsee the use of false-positives where the system censors an image, and the mod bans it for "gore" or whatever reason without seeing the full ontext.

I watched a video of yours quite a while back and couldn't understand how you seem so oblivious to how insidious this technology is.

I genuinely can't think of a legitimate use case.

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YouTube is my go to for finding all sorts of obscure and traditional music these days, its absolutely amazing.

Can you recommend any YouTube channels/vids @auralarchipelago?

I love sundanese gamelan particularly, but fascinated by all Indonesian music.

Reading your story, I just wish that I'd had the confidence to follow my dream to do something similar to you - I was really close, then chickened out as didn't believe I could make it work. Its really cool you're doing it though - I'm looking forward to going through your website later tonight :)

As for Indonesian rap, there's been a scene for years, which I've been meaning to try and catch up on for a while. This is an absolute earworm that's been stuck in my head for months now. Its pretty poppy, but its quite catchy and I just like the fact that he is proud of his dialect.

I actually think I might have seen him about 8 years ago when he was first starting off at a rap festival in Jakarta. I think he had another comedy song about bajaj (Indonesian tuk-tuks) if I'm not mistaken.

This while thread is telling me its time to go back to visit Indonesia :)