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What is causing the fires? And how do we mitigate the effects? What is the long term effects of the deforestation of the Amazon?

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Most likely have covid. Having slight shortness of breath now after 5 days of fever. No fever anymore but respiratory rate is higher and have slight chest tightness. 31 year old male who doesn’t smoke. When would it be time to worry? And what are things one can do at home to improve breathing/lung capacity?

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Is “cutting back on meat” a viable solution to prevent this from becoming more commonplace? Is climate change presently dire as many are reportedly purporting these days?

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What’s the problem with having too much protein on a keto diet?

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I read that cattle farming makes up around 2% of the climate change contribution. Is it worth sacrificing our health for an infinitesimal change? (Obviously a meat-eater here)