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I can answer some of these, too. I used to work for a private juvenile correctional facility. The most memorable kid was an 11 year old that was extremely violent and hypersexualized. He required a one on one staff member at all times (except bedtime) and spent much of his time in timeout or on the disciplinary unit he qualified for. He grabbed several female staff members on their chests and often shouted sexual things towards them during restraints (he only had a small handful of days where he wasn't restrained.) He would also strip his clothes off and run around naked. During one naked restraint, he urinated on the safety mat.

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I'm answering some of these since I have experience with this, too. The youngest youth in our facility was 10. He was on the sex offender unit.

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Definitely not born that way.

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I'll take a stab at this. The facility I worked at was obsessed with saving/making money. They'd take the worst offenders whose county would pay the most and give them half-assed "treatment" from under-qualified staff. They'd hire and fire regularly to keep their payout low. That lack of continuity of care puts the staff and youth at a disadvantage.

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I'll answer this:

The best escape was a youth was alone with a staff member because he refused to leave the unit for breakfast. He ended up smashing a window and jumping out. The staff called for help but he fell two and a half stories and got up and ran away. There was a huge search for him but he eventually came back on his own steam.