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have a big 'pre wake' party

I'm not sure what your exact plans are, but on that note I did wanna ask if you've considered recording anything for a wake or funeral? Hope that's not an insensitive question, I just remember when I was a kid one of our church members passed from cancer but recorded a whole speech to play at the funeral. It was very funny and uplifting and kept the mood positive. She even had the outtakes play during the meal (she had them bring Panera in then joked that we were all waiting for her to shut up so we could eat.) I was only 7 but it really stuck with me.

I'm tryely sorry about your situation but incredibly impressed by your mind-set about all this. You're a great mom for getting so many photos, its gonna mean so much your kiddos when they grow up. Wishing you the best from Texas!

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The lady was super active in the community and well-loved by anyone. She was terminal for a while, so she had plenty of time to prep. Her service had a huge turnout but I just remember how everyone was laughing and smiling instead of crying and frowning and as a young kid who had only just started to grasp the weight of death, it meant a lot to me. I hope that I never have to plan my own funural, but if I do I'd want to do something like that, hopefully leave an impression on some other 7 year old, ya know?

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Ahh finally, more fans of our true saviors, 2SFH