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Are you incapable of getting something like lasik to correct your vision problems?

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How do you think the world of robbing banks has changed since you were doing it? While the cameras are slightly better than they used to be, it seems that very few bank robbers actually get caught barring ridiculous stupidity. Even those whose faces are caught on camera walk out of the bank with typically a couple grand and no consequences thereafter.

Considering it is a federal offense, I am curious as to how seriously you believe law enforcement takes some of these robberies, given how small the quantity of money is and nobody being harmed in the process. It seems as though, given the lack of news coverage on such small time jobs and the lack of anyone ever being caught, that someone could easily rob a bank or two and continue life and working their 9-5 job as though nothing ever happened

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How do you feel about the transition of music over the years, as well as the newer genres of musical entertainment such as EDM, etc? Do you feel the music that is popular these days is bettering or worsening the industry/the quality of music in the industry?

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Do you also drive around in a Mercedes-Benz golf cart like everyone else old or moderately wealthy in Arizona?

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How are your divorced parents?