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If you say you're scared of going to Sweden because you might be extradited to the US, why were you okay with sitting in house arrest in England for 18 months before fleeing to the Ecuadorian embassy? The US could have initiated extradition against you at any time during those 18 months, but you apparently didn't worry about it until immediately before you were going to be sent to Sweden.

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Then 2. Eat over-well eggs.


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Let's be fair though, aid workers giving out vaccinations were attacked long before the CIA ran their operation.

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GMOs are (unfairly) a controversial topic, with many people wanting them labeled or even banned outright.

Does Okanagan Specialty Fruits plan to do any major PR to try to educate people on the science and safety of GMOS and dispel the pseudoscience that many believe? Would you partner with other major GMO manufacturers?

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Only seven staff members? Wow. That makes what you've done even more impressive.

I like how you're all making a strong effort at GMO education. I just fear that the audience for most of these efforts already very much agrees with you. You have to try to reach people who are more skeptical, but not entrenched in their beliefs. Unfortunately, I can't say I know the best way. I don't know the best media to reach the un-entrenched skeptics, but things like maybe the audiences of daytime shows like Dr. Oz, who unfortunately does peddle a lot of pseudoscience, might be convinced to do some pro-GMO segment? I don't know. I just know that you have to reach the broader audience who aren't going to specifically search for your educational blogs and the like.

Maybe even social media. Hell, I'm already called a Monsanto shill daily for my posts. Maybe somebody can actually make money off it instead of just being falsely accused.