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Dr. Olivia, this is my first reddit post, as I haven't been sucked into the fad yet, but hearing that you were doing an AMA made me succumb to it!

I am a 3rd (going 4th) year Canadian-citizen medical student in the UK and will be travelling to Tilganga in less than a couple months time at the end of August for 6 weeks (we have 6 weeks in addition to our elective period to go abroad); I am so excited! As you can imagine, I have a strong interest in ophthalmology as well as humanitarianism/global health. I was just wondering if you had any advice for me in the far future in terms of securing an ophthalmology training post (as I realize it's an ultra-competitive specialty), as well as in the near future when I'm in Tilganga in terms of maximizing my experience there.

I look forward to your reply and I can't wait to see the truly amazing/inspirational work you guys are doing for myself! I suspect what I see will further fuel my drive to pursue ophthalmology.

Slau921 karma

Dear Dr. Olivia, thank you very much for your recommendations - I really appreciate you naming specific people to be on the look out for! I would love to keep in touch, but how should I do so?

Further, I'm a bit worried about participating to the fullest given the Nepalese language barrier. Do you have any advice about this? Do all members of the healthcare team speak English there?