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What starts with F and ends with UCK?


  • I'll show myself out now

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During WWII in Britain the first people at the scene after a bombing were not usually emergency workers, they were looters picking valuables off the dead and dying.

Assholes have been everywhere, for all of time.

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I've got a reasonable level of education and international business experience, so... I used to think I knew what I was talking about. Then I read The Accidental Superpower and it completely changed the way I view the world.

We constantly hear of the USA as a declining power, the inevitable rise of China as the world leader, etc. Your case is very logical and based on fact; why don't we hear this viewpoint more often in the mainstream media and business?

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People (especially gold bugs) don't understand the true scope of Bretton Woods. I admit I didn't until I read Peter's explanation. I'd suggest you outline to them the actual point of Bretton Woods was a US led order.

The gold standard was a feature of that system, but not the central point of creating it. They are wrong, Peter (and you) are right. I think people may learn something with that explanation.

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I believe Peter would say that when USA decouples from China Mexico won't fail because they'll be doing a portion of the work China did. The narcos like to make money so they'll get into the manufacturing business instead of the illegal drug business.