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Explains why OP hasn't learned the language.

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It's really depressing, which may be part of why people don't fully get into it.

I showed it to an ex girlfriend of mine and she asked me why I'd show her something so depressing. Then I reminded her she showed me Requiem for a Dream and that was the end of that.

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This lazy fucker hasn't washed himself in weeks

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  1. A complete withdrawal of the extradition bill.
  2. Retract the characterization of the protests as “riots”.
  3. Release all protestors that are arrested.
  4. Set up an independent inquiry into police actions during this period.
  5. Allow Hongkongers the right to true universal suffrage, as outlined in the basic law of Hong Kong.

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What are your thoughts on "reverse" SAD that's worse in the summer? I'm particularly curious about whether summer anxiety versus summer depression versus regular SAD are all aspects of the same underlying conditions, or unique conditions.

Thanks for doing this AMA!