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So the DEA douche said he's strongly against decriminalization, yet the writer keeps repeating this idea:

You ought to read the story, it isn't about how wonderfully successful the agents think this is

So... this story is about how DEA agents think their drug war is a failure, but they're strongly against stopping it? Funny, that sounds just like DEA! What are the chances they'll also say they need more money and power and surveillance and cool paramilitary weapons and much less oversight and red tape and bureaucracy? Or maybe, if only those darn politicians would stop being so corrupt, or judges would do their jobs and punish people more, then they could win this war!

David Epstein, you fucked this up by playing along with this walking shitpile Robertson. You came around with him like we should think he's some kind of hero, instead of the evil scumbag he is. Shame.

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Do you ever want to leave Colombia?

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Is there anything you were never able to test, but really wish you could?

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Not the Mick, but another smuggler commented on that here: