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First off I have to say the media coverage of that crash has been completely ridiculous. 90% speculation, misinformed, and unintelligent, like most coverage of aviation. Screening new pilots in my opinion isn't going make an impact on preventing a suicide of this type. An individual dead set on intentionally crashing his/her aircraft will find a way to do it. It's not like a pilot gets certificated and then they are done being screened. We are constantly under observation, most frequently by our piers. If I ever worked with someone who I felt was mental unstable you better believe I would begin to get other people involved, and I'm willing to bet most of my colleagues would agree. As far as the TSA don't even get me started, more problem then solution its not surprising that people can sneak objects through security. I think we need security I obviously don't want anyone to have a gun or a knife on my airplane, but the system now is not efficient or effective. I would like to see a wholesale evaluation of the TSA and its practices from a non bias third party

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Two parts probably: 1) I love watching a new student who knows nothing about the jet or how to fly it our way on day one go through an fairly difficult program in 10 days and come out the other side a qualified pilot, the changes you see in people are incredible and always blow me away. 2) I love sunrise's and bad weather. I just spent three days flying around the north east in rainy, misty, overcast weather. It makes things interesting and challenging. Just this week I was landing in LaGuardia and most of Manhattan had its head above the clouds. Something you cannot see from the ground.

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I have seen it happen sure, but I wouldn't say in my experience its "common". Put two guys and two girls in a small group and send them traveling around for a week at a time probably helps contribute to the "hook up" effect but its more an anomaly than anything.

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Ha it doesn't exactly work like that in real life. Like any other job people meet each other at work, but it isn't like that.

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What's your experience now? My suggestion is to do it! I can give all kinds of advice but thats like saying "I want to be a pilot, any advice?" really hard to answer. Vague I know but I have several contacts who still work or own flight schools, instructors are a valuable commodity right now, you want to build time you need a CFI or a kicking corporate job ASAP.