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SkyRak3r3 karma

I'm feeling disconnected from the world. Not a corona thing. More that I am perceiving my own values and beliefs as out dated or misaligned with the common person. A general sense that I don't belong here anymore, no one wants me, not all of me anyway. I've nothing to work towards and nothing to look forwards to. I feel like I just want to stop caring or feeling bad. I do suffer occasional bouts of anxiety and depression. I always feel like I've done something wrong too.

How can I reconnect?Is it okay for me to just medicate myself out, like if I got a xanax prescription?

SkyRak3r2 karma

If I spot you on the street how is best to approach you to ask for a photo? Or are there any signs you'd like some privacy?

SkyRak3r2 karma

Hi Marlon, I saw you in Japan back in 2009 but I didn't want to bother you. What's the best way to approach to just say hello and maybe get a photo? Or do you prefer to just be left to enjoy things?

Photo Evidence (sort of)