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I recently experienced an illness that smacks of CFS/ME and it has taken many months, much experimentation and a lot of supplements to get to where I can feel relatively normal. D-Ribose was a major contributor to improving my energy and I don't think it is given enough credit by medical professionals. It is the beginning of the KREBS cycle after all, that produces ATP to give you energy! If your mitochondria aren't working properly they aren't converting glucose into ribose (especially if your digestion isn't working properly either). And if you are already taking creatine, citrulline malate works synergistically with that. I noticed not only an energy increase when I added citrulline malate, but I was actually able to start exercising again, my muscles were able to begin rebuilding.

I don't think of these things as medication because they are not. They are supplements. Most of them our bodies produce naturally unless something is not working properly, and in that case supplementing them can be very helpful.

The supplements I find help the most:

D-Ribose -- increased energy

Creatine and Citrulline Malate -- work together to improve muscle tone and overall strength (adding citrulline malate after I had already been taking creatine made a BIG noticeable difference in my energy, strength and stamina).

Citrulline malate raises arginine levels (better than supplementing with arginine), reduces lactic acid and increases ATP

L-Glutamine -- heals the gut and helps the body to digest and assimilate the nutrients it receives

CoQ10 and Quercetin -- antioxidants essential to the KREBS cycle

B Complex -- energy and better body function (this was the first thing I took that I noticed a difference with

Beta Alanine -- contributed to improvement of strength (if you do take this make sure you are taking extra Biotin, as taking Beta Alanine causes a loss of Biotin). It is also synergistic with creatine and helps delay fatigue and muscle failure. Adding this improved my stamina noticeably.

Spirulina -- added nutrition that the body assimilates very easily even with compromised digestion. This and a powdered fruit/veg supplement called "Amazing Grass" helped me reclaim my digestion

Those are my top supplements. Other things that help me (not as dramatically as the above but I know they make a difference) are:

N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine -- manufactures glutathione (better than supplementing with glutathione) and taurine which strengthens stomach lining and aids in t-cell production

L-Lysine -- aids in calcium absorption and muscle recovery Astaxanthin -- powerful antioxidant. I didn't notice an improvement in energy per se, but it improved my skin greatly and I just feel better when I take it.

L-Carnitine -- facilitates transports of fatty acids into and out of mitochondria (I started taking this in the beginning and haven't stopped, so I can't say for sure what physical effect it has had, but it is a permanent part of my regimen)

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Have you tried taking d-ribose? There are a number of amino acids that can help. I assume you have looked into information by Dr Sarah Myhill?

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The d-ribose can help improve energy appreciably and quickly. It is the first step in ATP production which is lacking in mitochondrial dysfunction. I am surprised you haven't tried it yet. Research "D-ribose chronic fatigue" and see what you think. It can be very helpful. CoQ10 is helpful too but does simething different. Sometimes it takes a lot of things working together to do the trick. Citrulline malate is also helpful, for energy and improving muscle/strength. It works synergistically with creatine (which I also recommend--speaking from experience).