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That started even before the surgery!😂

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He is doing great! The surgery was on a Tuesday, he went home 4 days later. Typical hospital time is about a week.

He's actually been by to visit a few times, he's been cleared to drive and basically live his normal life!

He donated about 60% of his liver.

So they cut him open, take out part of his liver, cut me open, take all of mine out and put in part of his into me then staple us back together.

The liver regenerates over time. Its amazing what doctors can do today.

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I am but I'm not, its really weird. All of the meds kind of keep my mind in a different world lol. Today I actually started to feel myself a little bit, but they have coloring books here, my nurses are amazing. Thank you for the offer!

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Yes, not a very extensive talk though. We're the kind of friends that would do anything for each other. Been through thick and thin together. I'd do the same for him in a heartbeat if needed. This is not likely to change anything between us other than bring us closer.

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Take a nap in my own bed.

I've gotten no sleep here, they come in to check my blood sugar every hour because the steroids make my bs skyrocket