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Considering nobody else has ever done what you have, and this subreddit has had any number of people holding AMAs for simply having jobs, hobbies, medical conditions, etc., or people coming here just to promote their company, why do you think you're the most pointless, uninteresting thing on this subreddit?

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Do you have any way of actually evaluating the success of your advice? I've spoken with a number of people about what makes a dating profile succeed for them, and gotten a lot of very different answers. What metrics do you have to confirm you're doing a good job in general and not just based on what you like?

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Hey man, you followed your dream and have something to show for it. When we have people doing AMAs for working at a fast food restaurant, do you think they can say the same? Or that it requires more intelligence?

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Doubtless there were people that missed the point, but it was also an incredibly successful fundraisers, and raised awareness to a huge degree. My father had ALS before and during the ice bucket challenge craze. When it came up before, almost nobody knew what it was. Afterwards, roughly 50% were familiar with it.

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It seems like palate has a huge effect on how people experience foods. When designing a menu, how much thought goes into playing to the palates of your likely customers vs what the chef might personally prefer?

I haven't been to any Michelin starred restaurants, but I've noticed that I prefer fast food to most sit-down restaurants in the $20-$200 range. Would I be more likely to find a Michelin starred restaurant worth it, or would my palate be even less able to appreciate those flavor profiles?