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Hi Captain Kelly, I have two questions for you.

You have had an amazing career including

  • Flying F14's

  • Becoming a test pilot

  • Flying to Hubble and ISS

  • Landing the Shuttle

  • Spending more time in space than any other American

...What accomplishment/goal, space related or not, do you still want to achieve?

Also, today is your 302nd consecutive day aboard ISS, if you could go back and give yourself advice on day 1, what would you say?

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$10K for 1lbs of weight!

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Hey NASA, I have a couple questions about the launch sequence and staging of SLS and Orion.

With both the 70T and 130T launch Systems, will the Core stage go orbital, or will the 2nd stage complete the LEO burn? Will any of the stages be reusable for future launches? What would be a mission that would realistically max out the 70T’s and the 130T’s performance?

Can’t wait to see these things launch in person come 2017!

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Congrats to all of you! Would love to be in your shoes one day :) I was wondering if any of you had a favorite and/or role model astronaut while growing up? And if so, why that person?