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What do released patients do after they've been released? I assume most try to get some jobs, but do they stay in the closest town or do they move further away? What about taking up education?

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Can't speak for the garbage industry, but here in Norway we have really strong worker's unions so employers can't fire anyone on a whim, it's a thorough process and you need a good reason to fire someone. Exception is if the company is downgrading and have to let a specific amount of workers go. I don't know much about that.

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I may have some constructive criticism, judging from what I've seen in the trailers at least... You say you've designed the game around combat, but what I see in the trailer is pure minecraft-style kiting of mobs, at least for non-melee player characters. You can have the most interesting character customisation and development, but it won't be fun if the enemies are that basic.

You can do like dark souls and have enemies with shields that also know how to use them. Or like RuneScape and have spells that freeze enemies in place. Of course I might be making a fool of myself here and you've already taken this into account. 😅

Nonetheless, good luck developing your game further! A lot of great games started small, so it's going to be interesting to see how this evolves!

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This Virtual Desktop looks really cool, but do you know if I can have a virtual multi-monitor setup with this without ACTUALLY having multiple monitors? In the video they say "If you have a mutli-monitor setup, you will be able to see them all in VR."

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Mathematics show that it's impossible to have a completely even social system where everyone are living (relatively) good lives. There will always be people with more money and people with less money. When it comes to unifying the whole earth, I don't think that is possible before we can consider globalization an accomplishment of the past. There are way too many cultures and people with unique history and a sense of belonging to a country or a nation. Not until most of the world's population is "nationless" can we put everyone in one bag and call it a proper unification. Until then, I think the UN serves as a good alternative. They just need less corruption and more respect.