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Hey Arjan, I was hoping that you could tell us a bit about the personal effects of going from field to office and back. What do you find is the hardest part of both worlds?

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MSF field workers are a pretty awesome group of people! Thanks for the question!

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Hey /u/NurseJaime great to have you here! Loved the last IamA with you. If anyone wants to read that link here

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Donate money. If you haven't done relief work before you are more likely than not to be a burden. As harsh as it sounds this is the truth.

On my second mission to Haiti, I got severely ill two days after landing. I had to be hospitalized (luckily I was working out of a hospital) they had to use medicine and ivs that should of been going towards people affected by the earthquake.

Trust me there is no worst feeling that lying in a hospital bed with a doctor helping you and giving you medication that you know should be going to the people you came to help.

So again... donate the money. If you really want to do work on the ground, do some development projects and slowly work your way towards disaster relief.

If you really want to help with your hands, try becoming a volunteer at a local MSF office. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes that is crucial to the work on the ground.