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There was actually a book about that. The Emperor had him killed and cloned. Repeatedly. In various, horrible ways, like being eaten alive.

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Not an expert by any means, but somewhat educated on the subject.

These are absolutely red flags. Realize a red flag isn't proof, but this is certainly worth making a phone call over.

As a coach, do I have a duty to report suspicions?

Legally speaking? Varies by state. Ask an actual lawyer or at least /r/legaladvice

Ethically speaking? I'd say yes you do. I believe every state has a way to report anonymously. Do that. Also ask for a reference number so if you are a mandated reporter you can show that you did report.

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Whatever type of cloning Palpatine used did transfer memories. One moment he was being eaten alive, the next he was stepping out of a cloning chamber, direct memory continuity.

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Oh, definitely not. It was an old Legends book. (Not that old, 2007.) Actually it was 1995. Book called Darksaber

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If a corporation is, at the end of the day, nothing more than a group of people, how do a group of people have less rights than the individuals separately?