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Because he isn't. He is the same molded straw man for the parties.

  1. Ivy League Education // Check
  2. Average adult male // Check
  3. Military or other civic service // Check
  4. Wants to bring about change // Check

He is literally the White Obama.

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Gun owner, Former-Marine (yea I know, once, always, etc) and LEO, and Pro- 2A guy here also. This is spot on. You can own whatever gun you want, but if it gets into a child's hand, you should pay the consequences.

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It was as a matter of fact. I about shit balls whenever I saw this IAMA up. Glad you stuck with the company, we learned a lot and it definitely helped out!

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BEN! I was one of the Marines that took your Wifi Class in North Carolina. I remember you! We took it in 2006 or early 2007 if I remember correctly. We gave you tons of shit, but you were a supremely good sport about it.

Reddit: This guy knows what he is talking about.

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So what you are saying is one part of our constitutional rights should be limited vs the rest of them. Got it.