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Not true at all, In fact the last actual change not just talk was the GOP removing the filibuster entirely for Supreme Court nominations.

And to be fair the change before that was the democrats removing it from other federal Judges but stop short of the supreme court. The GOP use this to seat 3 SOCTUS members during trump without a single democrate senator approving. So talk all you want about noise it was the republicans that actually made a significant change and got 3 young scotus judges on the bench for life.

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TBH, now I'm older (50s) and very much on the left side of politics but hearing your responses I would never be interested in your journalism. And I think you are doing harm, you are giving the police the excuse to not take a press pass seriously. Not that they should be doing what they are doing to protesters but I can see why they are not making a distinction from protestor to press. I'll say this again YOU ARE DOING GREAT HARM. You need to have a involatile distinction between being a protestor and being a journalist. Choose one you dont get to go as a journalist and decide you need to add a little to protest, as soon as you do you are no longer the journalist just a blogging protestor.

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I think police have been way over the line more or less since their inception.

But to say they are over the line so I will be as well plays right into the authoritarian playbook. They are pushing them to get exactly this type of response so they can say "look they were out of line". Yes its hard, yes it feels unfair because it is. But yes I think its 100% necessary to separate journalism from activism, and when protesting to be clear your objectives and what lines you want to cross and stick to them.

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I never really played the age of empires video game but they licensed it out and there is a great board game of that title now.

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The gold standard is a terrible idea, and is similar to why most crypto currencies are bad for economies. Both are designed to prevent growth of the money supply. Governments print new money and this can lead to inflation when the amount of new money exceeds the growth in population but having zero increase in the money supply with an increasing population causes deflation and an increase in the value in the currency. When I currency is consistently increasing in value it creates a large pressure for people to not spend it. Think about when bit coin was going up 10%+ every month no one spent it they just invested in it and hoarded it.

The gold standard doesn't prevent Monetary growth but then its in some ways tied to how much gold is mined. Why on earth should we tie monetary growth that should be tied to Population growth to how much can be mined?

To explain why it tied to Population growth. So you have 100Million people and your enough currency for every person to have say 50k dollars (lets also assume poorly that GDP per person doesn't change). Now if in 20,30 50 years the population doubles and you don't change the money supply each person on average only has 25K available to them to buy the same amount of good and services. So the money is not twice as valuable.