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Is this movement a new thing? How long did it take them to notice and why didn't they notice? I know for a long time in Massachusetts a common way to get breathalyzer results thrown out of court was to question the calibration of the machine. A lawyer friend of mine said it has worked for him more times than it has not.

How do you think this will effect people like that driver who killed a bunch of motorcyclists in Nh over the summer?

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Where do you draw the line on people who disagree with you and who is a "conspiracists, white supremacists, [or] nihilist troll"? According to groups on Reddit and Twitter anyone who goes against the group think is alt right.

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In MA it's an automatic 45 day license suspension if you refuse a breathalyzer. Then again, in MA they recently found out most of the breathalyzers didn't work correctly so they had to turn over a bunch of cases.

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When is Robot Congress coming back?

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What ever happened to that video game you were in?