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Digital Nomad Visahttps://visalist.io/liechtenstein/digital-nomad-visa

Estonia was the first country to offer "e-residency". There are a growing number of countries offering similar programs. Liechtenstein, being a small country, with a positive reputation, is developing a competing offer. So anyone or company setting up there will need to appear to be there.

Strategic considerations aside, the main reason is almost every beginners postage stamp collection includes a stamp from Liechtenstein -- I just want my vpn connections to match my postage stamps. It's the best of both worlds. Bart, can't you see that?

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Are you considering adding more USA cities to Proton VPN such as Honolulu, and Juneau Alaska?

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Please also consider:

Rome, Italy

Florence, Italy

Geneva, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Marseille, France

Montevideo, Uruguay

Panama City, Panama

Jakarta, Indonesia


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Looking forward to this and hope you will be able to include many of the countries that were left out.

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Is the Proton VPN Digital Freedom Index for 2021 still accurate? Will there be an update?