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Many. Many. Many. The scenery that was built in the studio was sensational. And I think my favorite set, that I didn't act in, was the golden Liar, where the dragon was hiding. Hundreds of thousands of golden coins, specially made.

And if you don't tell anyone, I can tell you that I have some of those coins. Along with the font door key to Bag End, which i know Peter Jackson is looking for, but will never find.

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It's not a rumor, it's true. He told me at our first meeting that he always thought he would be good casting as Gandalf. It turns out he was better casting as Saruman. Of all the parts he played, the one I hankered after was Sherlock Holmes. Im sorry he doesn't get to see Mr. Holmes, the movie, I think he would have enjoyed it.

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I would never fight a Hobbit, no matter his size. So I would have to go with the first. 100 Hobbit-sized Balrogs is easy. Easy.

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Very good. They all look very surprised. Thank you. Lovely.

I met Patrick in Stratford-upon-Avon when we were both working in the theatre there doing Shakespeare. In about 1976.

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I'll give you the recipe.

Slice potatoes thinly. Slice onions thinly. Grade some strong cheddar cheese. You slice some small tomatoes. And you layer those ingredients. And put them in a medium oven for one hour. And to make sure it's delicious as it always is, pour a little single cream over the potatoes, which should be the top layer.

Very comforting, quite nutritious, easy to make. Astound your friends.