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You’re a hero and a fast typer Terry! Thank you for answering our questions. Just to follow up on this. I spend so much time doing research around ethnical companies and I still feel like I’m not making the right choices. For example, Everlane is labeled as ethical, but there is no evidence or third party confirmation to really show that they are. They just say that they are. Could they be sued for that?

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Martha, thank you so much for sharing this story with us. This is incredibly important work. Would you be able to tell us 1) What do you think is the best solution to shedding light on the importance of conscious consumerism locally. For example, could we get a group of people together to protest in front of the stores you listed and will this be effective? Would writing to politicians do anything? 2) As a journalist, what do you think is the best way to bring this home to an average consumer? In other words, how do we make the reality of someone being enslaved on the opposite part of the planet a tangible thing anytime someone goes out to buy a product?