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SirDripsALot15 karma

I used to follow your posts over on Flyertalk. Posts and conversations with you, Nephoi, ISTFlyer, TalkingPoint, WingedWorldExplorer and others have always been amazingly helpful. I haven't seen any new posts from you in a while now. I seem to remember you being suspended. Can you share what happened and what forums you use to share deals now, and if you plan to come back to in the future to FT? I've made a couple bookings over the years thanks to your posts so many thanks for that.

Secondly, what is your favorite airline loyalty program, and do you bother with status? I typically search for deals on OW airlines to credit AS because of how strong the earning rates are for a high value currency. *A J fares credit so poorly and ST has such poor benefits I don't find much value in their program when compared to OWE benefits. Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

SirDripsALot2 karma

Thanks for the reply! Good to know you have a Twitter and I'll follow along there!

As I'm sure you know, AS just released SWUs for AA yesterday. Do you 1) have a good routing in mind that has cheap fares and could also serve as an EQM run 2) know of any city pair with good C class upgrade space availability?