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Hello Sir, greetings from Croatia

Do you miss the Sun ?? Does your eyes hurt when you get out for the first time?? What is it like onboard, is it strict military rules or more a family type of enviorment?? How deep do you usually go?? Do you have windows??? Can you hear whales??? I have 768 more questions,but this will do for now. :) Have a nice day and thank you.

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Damn right.

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I was not privileged enough to be born in the U.S. or have the right papers to be in the U.S. All my life I've wanted to earn to be an American--being American, to me, was something you earn, not something that's just given to you.

I find this difficult to understand. We are who we are. We do not chose where we are born. The universe aligned that way and you were born somewhere on this planet. Why would any one desperately try to be something that he isn't ?? U.S.A is just a country. It shouldn't be that important.