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Someone else with IgA Nephropathy! Hey, brother/sister! If you don't mind me asking, how has it been treating you so far?

I was diagnosed at 10 via a biopsy. Nobody in my family has kidney issues, so I just lucked out. Had an annual appt with a nephrologist, never really altered my life until my creatinine started creeping up more and more. Eventually started hemodialysis when I was 21. And it sucked! I dry heaved after every single treatment. They kept trying to pull fluid out of my body when I was still urinating. Received a living donor transplant from my brother after 5 months of hemo.

However during the transplant, my transplanted ureter became pinched. As a result, waste was building up in my kidney which is disastrous. They had to set up a percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN) bag, which is a tube going from your kidney THROUGH your skin and goes into a thick plastic bag. Had that for 6 months. Eventually they attempted a procedure where they RE-transplanted my native ureter to my new kidney.

Other than that, life has been peachy! Creatinine is 1.5 which is absolutely gorgeous!

Good luck!

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Oh Christ, I thought you meant that Jim Belushi was in a remake of the Sahara movie starring Matthew Mcconaughey and Penelope Cruz. That would have been terribly amazing.

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Is Laura Silverman as adorable in real life as she is in animated form?

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I've actually been thinking about buying a gaming system (or a better computer) to help fight my depression. Are there any games you can recommend that help you through rough patches?

Last system I had was PS2 so my knowledge is extremely limited in this area. Any help is appreciated :-)

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Cool, thanks for the advice!