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Do you feel that around the world, people like you who don’t want to spread drama and take a neutral stance feel at risk? I’ve heard of stories of whistleblowers practically being harassed a lot for trying to reveal the truth, do you get harassed for trying to cover stories from all angles instead of looking at stuff from a big media view. Sorry if my question sounds confusing.

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How has your life been effected by this? I myself have anxiety sometimes, but the thought of not having a limb or not being able to feel it scares every bone in me. I mean how do you mentally cope with not having that hand, moving it around and using it.

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OSHA is a United States Organization, long for " The Occupational Safety and Health Administration" Basically it's to keep workplaces safe and under guidelines. This is for business though I believe, not for private non commercial endeavors. At least from what I know.

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What got you into writing and stuff? Did you like movies and books as a kid and decide, hey, I wanna do that too!

This question comes from myself who I also love reading, and I’ve found that reading allows the mind to just explore ideas and create your own things. Did you go from a hobby of just fun to a professional career, or did you always wanna do this type of writing and screenwriting.