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Really good vids, especially Dies Irae

What is your comfortable range? Can you reach the full bass register? How did you develop the vocal range? I'm asking as someone who is a bass-baritone, but I can also reach very high with falsetto. I haven't really braved to actually do anything with it or even develop it further, because I really didn't come up what I could could with. But you gave at least some inspiration. Enough to consider seeking lesson and rehearsing again.

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Do you give resources like cash to the people who are cast out or choose to leave. Or are they fully on their own with just the clothes on their back?

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Hello from Finland.

I'm sure that you have heard of Chris Vigorito, and his famous neural network fake of the controversial Dr. Jordan Peterson's voice, since the system was take offline due to his request I shall provide different example of the system at work. https://youtu.be/3Xqar7OgiIA

Now what I want to ask is: Now that the technology is available and proven to work. And it can be used for malicious purposes towards private and public individuals. Now that the trend is towards voice and video recordings becoming unreliable, what should society do to combat this? It doesn't take wild imagination to think that in a heated political battle someone would start spread lies or even fabricated controversial material of their opponents. Since the public can't tell the difference between fabricated and real material, and a lie has travelled around the world before the truth has their boots on. How would one defend themselves in a court or police investigation against material like this?

Social media has already shaken the society to it's core when it comes to trust, towards private and public individuals. What is the estimated impact of something like this, when it comes popular.

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I'm not from USA, but from Europe. We had our own migrant waves few years ago, where people travelled through many countries, that were in EU, to get to specific ones like Germany, Sweden, Finland.

I have Mexican friends who live in Mexico, who say it is perfectly nice and safe. Even told us that we should come visit them for vacations. People go and take vacations in Mexico. And I have heard that Mexico is offering asylum for people. My country's foreign ministry classifies USA and Mexico equally dangerous travel destinations.

Why don't these people want take asylum in Mexico?

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Apparently this disease affects about 1/25.000 worldwide (1/100.000 in Finland where I live, for some reason.) But it is really common in Turkey (1/2600) .
How does this show among the common population?