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As someone who once could see, do you still have any "visual dreams" or are they all just sound based?

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Congrats on getting published. In case you were looking for an excuse to shamelessly plug your work here, I’d be interested in knowing more about any BEE-inspired novels. Got a link?

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I love escape rooms and am thrilled with how well they’ve taken off in the last 5 years. That said, do you think it’s a sustainable model? Are we hitting peak escape room?

I live in a midsized US city and I know that there are four different escape room buildings within 4 miles of my office, and at least 2 more within a 20 minute drive (though I think there is overlapping ownership with the downtown ones). Are you worried that we’re approaching a bubble at all?

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Thanks for getting back to me. To follow up, what do you expect to be the industry’s response? Relocation to cheaper buildings, fewer/smaller rooms, raising prices, shorter operating hours? All or none? Or do you think that the lesser rooms will simply die off, and there will still be sufficient demand for the remaining companies?

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False. Black Bear.

Bears eat beets.