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I thinks it’s because, by saying that ‘of course’ they should get it, like it’s the only decision they should make, is saying there was something wrong with them in the first place. Like well they are broken now so why wouldn’t they want to be fixed. A lot of deaf people are deaf and happy about it and want to stay that way. Whilst us hearing folk think it’s not the end of the world to be deaf, but it would never be our first choice, we can struggle to understand their stance. I think the people of this opinion see people who get the implants as another foot in the ‘they are broken’ category, a deaf person agreeing with the hearing people.

I thinks it’s a very sensitive subject. I have a deaf friend who is too afraid to get the implants. He’s 45 and completely deaf and can’t speak. A close friend of his offered to pay for them but he refused, he didn’t want it. In a way I think his biggest fear is having to start over again. He is living now and semi happy, he wants a gf, I think he thinks if he got the implants everything changes, at least the guy who was going to pay took that as the reason.

I know another guy who got the implants in his teens and his hearing isn’t anywhere near 100% but it’s a lot better than before them, he can chat and he does a mixture of lip reading and hearing to communicate. To be polite you always have to look directly at him when talking. I knew him before the implants and his voice was pretty incomprehensible to me as a kid, but now it’s much much clearer. He’s a cheeky sod and has no problem getting gf’s.

They are both working have jobs in offices. And neither is broken or defective they are who they have chosen to be. I think we all see those videos of the kids hearing their name for the first time. Or the people using those glasses and seeing colour for the first time and think what a wonderful moment that must be and why wouldn’t someone want it. But to experience the world as a deaf person, to see and notice things that hearing people don’t. To lip read from across the room. That must be an experience too, which we could only hope to approximate by putting on noise cancelling headphones.

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I’d just want to say that you are speaking with the experience of a mature person having found out. It may be entirely possible for some one raised knowing everything to have a teenage tantrum and say something horrible. Yes they won’t mean it and will probably regret it, but a teenager, who is influenced by other teenagers might throw it back. They should perhaps be prepared for it, and by that I mean educate the kids to better understand it, and help them, and their friends understand it.

Also little kids likely will ask questions to try and understand it that might accidentally come across as hurtful.

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Serious question, incest is so stigmatised and can cause real issues with genetic conditions. Was this ever handled by these sperm banks? I saw that you have 4 siblings who attended the same school, and it is entirely possible they could have dated. Do you believe that sperm banks should take this into consideration when allowing people to select donors. Or that there should be free tests provided to all donor babies. What would you liked to have happen?

I can imagine it could be the cause of a lot of worry for the children, and even more worry considering some people don’t know their origins or their donors.

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Does a Yorkshire pudding belong with any roast dinner or just beef?