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The world is on fire in pretty much every direction right now. What makes you hopeful?

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1) How do you decide which genre goes to which Postmodern Jukebox version of which song?

2) How do feel about doing a mashup of Kanye West's Power, Maroon 5's Harder to Breathe, and Britney Spears' Toxic? They meld together really well, and I think you could put a really cool spin on it.

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What got you into plastic surgery?

What is your favorite operation to perform? Least favorite?

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Why are these your preferences? What is it about these surgeries?

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I’ve been voting absentee since I turned 18 (no polling place). Each election, I wonder if my ballot is getting counted but fill it out anyways, just in case.

How do they count absentee ballots? Do they? I’m in CA.