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I used to work with children (5-21 years) with developmental disabilities and severe behavioral issues (they had all been transferred from other schools that could not accommodate them). We did as much as we could to provide them with a "normal" life experience, but we did have a safe room. Most, if not all, safe rooms nowadays have a button that must be continually pressed in order to keep the door shut. This prevents someone from throwing a person in the safe room and walking away/leaving them there for extended periods of time. I worked with a lot of kids with ASD who's self-injurious behaviors were so severe that they had actually caused their own traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes a padded room was the only way to keep them from further injuring themselves. Sad stuff.

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What do you do to make it through a bad panic attack? Have you ever tried to write in the midst of one?

I saw you at the Czar Bar in Kansas City last year. Please come back soon. We need you here!