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Number One had one of the best ever cameo one liners! "Yesss! Front row!"

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Have there been any active efforts to try and shut down the distribution of the model files? I see a lot of parallels between you guys and the DECSS descrambler brouhaha from 2000. The knowledge about how to do something was being controlled, not the thing itself.

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How well does it (or does it at all) integrate pictures with data? Suppose I look at a bar code. Will Glass look it up?

I'm an EMT. I want to pick up a patients prescription med and 1) look up the med and 2) record the info.

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I'm an EMT and I'm curious about your symptoms of pain. Was the pain steady? Worse on inspiration? Worse on expiration?

I want to be SMRT when I meet my next tall skinny male.

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I'm positive that you are as skilled as the paramedics I work with (I'm a basic). From your other answers you are just as motivated and you want to save just as many lives. You may not have a brand new LP15, you may not have a lucas, or other expensive toys, but that really shouldn't make too much difference on 99% of your calls.

What does Detroit EMS need to do to improve the average care in the city? Is it as simple as adding medics? (and by "simple" I mean 'wave a magic wand', I know it costs money)