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SimplifyThyLife5 karma

Hii Rob :) have you ever read Walden by Henry David Thoreau?? If u did, can u give us your thoughts on it? Also, you travel quite a lot and seem to be on a loww budget! How much money would u say one needs to travel for about a year with a similar lifestyle to yours? (Feel free not to answer this one if u think it's kinda indiscrete)! I really admire your works! Hope to meet u someday! Sending u love from Portugal :)

SimplifyThyLife4 karma

Thank you for your answer! About the book, I'm surprised you haven't read it, but in that case I strongly recommend it!! I'm sure you'll identify yourself with the author! (On a side note, u should also read The friendly road by David Grayson (if u haven't done so yet) since it kinda seems to me it could have been written by you!! As for the travels, thanks for your advice! I'll be cheking the blog :)