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After seeing the developed world, would you rather stay in SF than go back to your village?

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איזה כיף לראות עברית ברדיט. מאחל לך ולחברה שלך רק אושר!

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Wow, as soon as I logged in I saw that you replied just now. Those sound like really achievable goals, and with you being only 18 I have no doubt you will succeed in those ambitions. Live life to it's fullest, and thank you for answering my question. Good bye :)

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Not much of a question about your condition, but just wanted to know if your conition made any impacts on your life goals / if youre comftarble answering this, what are your life goals, at the moment ( long term or short term)?

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Ok, i get that. You wanna return home. Have you considered traveling the world more once you will return from the united state? I bet it was interesting for you to see a whole new side to the world.